2008-09-28  Jeffrey Ryan... Self-compliance with ProhibitUnrestrictedNoCritic
2008-09-28  Jeffrey Ryan... Add can_be_disabled() to the trusted method list
2008-09-28  Jeffrey Ryan... Created a new Policy to prohibit an unrestricted #...
2008-09-27  Elliot ShankRename is_document_exempt() to prepare_to_scan_document().
2008-09-27  Elliot ShankUpdate autodie support to v1.994.
2008-09-27  Elliot ShankChange ppidump to emit element locations.
2008-09-25  Elliot ShankAdd TODO to enable removing "## no critic" markers.
2008-09-17  Elliot ShankFix date prototype at the top of Changes. Yeah, it...
2008-09-17  Elliot ShankPut caveat about autodie support into Changes.
2008-09-17  Elliot ShankAdd autodie support to the InputOutput::RequireChecked...
2008-09-14  Elliot ShankAllow specification of violation descriptions in Prohib...
2008-09-14  Elliot ShankChange Modules::ProhibitEvilModules::initialize_if_enab...
2008-09-14  Elliot ShankChange Modules::ProhibitEvilModules to include the...
2008-09-14  Elliot ShankSmall POD addition to ControlStructures::ProhibitPostfi...
2008-09-14  Elliot ShankRewrap the POD in NamingConventions::Capitalization and
2008-09-08  Jeffrey Ryan... Updated docs about EPIC
2008-09-07  Elliot ShankUpdate $VERSION in NamingConventions::Capitalization.
2008-09-07  Elliot ShankRestore Schwern's Capitalization policy.
2008-09-07  Elliot ShankWhoops. Missed some version number changes in the...
2008-09-07  Elliot ShankRelease P::C 1.093_001 so that I can get access to the v1.093_001 v1.093_01
2008-09-07  Elliot ShankFix PodSpelling in RequireInterpolationOfMetachars.
2008-09-07  Elliot ShankUse is_document_exempt() RequireExplicitPackage and
2008-09-07  Elliot ShankFix RequireFilenameMatchesPackage in terms of programs.
2008-09-07  Elliot ShankAdd test case to RequireEndWithOne.run from Schwern's
2008-09-07  Elliot ShankIn partial response to Schwern's patch for "non-program"
2008-09-07  Elliot ShankDocument the rcs_keywords option for
2008-09-07  Elliot ShankAllow RequireRcsKeywords to find things after __END__.
2008-09-02  Jeffrey Ryan... Bumped VERSION to 1.092. v1.092
2008-09-02  Jeffrey Ryan... There were POD errors in the release that I just made,
2008-09-02  Jeffrey Ryan... Fixing errors in POD that were exposed in the last
2008-09-02  Jeffrey Ryan... Some tweaks to my Ant build script. Since I use macpor...
2008-09-02  Jeffrey Ryan... Adding back in Schwern's Capitalization policy.
2008-09-02  Jeffrey Ryan... Bumped VERSION to 1.091 v1.091
2008-09-02  Jeffrey Ryan... Cleaning up my trailing whitespace. Damn Eclipse....
2008-09-02  Jeffrey Ryan... Undoing the patch for Schwern's capitalization policy.
2008-09-02  Jeffrey Ryan... Marked some failing tests as TODO, so I can go ahead...
2008-09-02  Jeffrey Ryan... Further cleanup after moving that policy to P-C-More.
2008-08-28  Elliot ShankUndo Schwern's changes in the last patch to the
2008-08-28  Elliot ShankApply Schwern's NamingConventions::Capitalization patch...
2008-08-27  Jeffrey Ryan... Update Changes file with latest bug fix.
2008-08-27  Jeffrey Ryan... I think I've finally fixed the problem of false-positiv...
2008-08-27  Jeffrey Ryan... Update TODO list.
2008-08-27  Jeffrey Ryan... Updated changes to reflect relocation of Policy.
2008-08-27  Jeffrey Ryan... Moving the test case for RequireConstantOnLeftSideOfEqu...
2008-08-27  Jeffrey Ryan... Finally decided to move RequireConstantOnLeftSideOfEqua...
2008-08-24  Jeffrey Ryan... Fixed ProhibitHardTabs so that it would allow leading...
2008-08-24  Jeffrey Ryan... Enhanced the -doc feature to take advantage of the
2008-08-24  Jeffrey Ryan... Adding an EPIC config file
2008-08-24  Jeffrey Ryan... Dealing with more Eclipse files
2008-08-23  Jeffrey Ryan... Added a build.xml script to all distributions. Tools...
2008-08-23  Jeffrey Ryan... Taking premptive steps: adding my forthcoming build...
2008-08-23  Elliot ShankFix PBP page numbers in ProhibitMixedCaseVars and
2008-08-22  Elliot ShankForgot to set svn:keywords on
2008-08-22  Elliot ShankMake tests comply with
2008-08-22  Elliot ShankMake rest of code comply with
2008-08-22  Elliot ShankMake Policies comply with
2008-08-22  Elliot ShankImplement RegularExpressions::RequireDotMatchAnything.
2008-08-22  Elliot ShankCreate an option for CodeLayout::ProhibitQuotedWordLists
2008-08-22  Elliot ShankAdd ".project" to all of the MANIFEST.SKIP files.
2008-08-21  Jeffrey Ryan... Color for high-severity violations is now magenta,
2008-08-21  Jeffrey Ryan... Adding username for anonymous checkout from our repository.
2008-08-19  Jeffrey Ryan... I started using Eclipse for all my Perl work. So I...
2008-08-19  Jeffrey Ryan... Undoing r2675. Now that the "-color" is no longer...
2008-08-19  Jeffrey Ryan... Added failing test case that came to me in the mail...
2008-08-17  Elliot ShankChange perlcritic to not unconditionally add a "-"...
2008-08-17  Elliot ShankMake the changes to
2008-08-17  Elliot ShankClean up Schwern's
2008-08-17  Elliot ShankApply raw patch from Schwern that adds options to
2008-08-16  Elliot ShankFix missing word in the ProhibitNoWarnings POD.
2008-08-16  Elliot ShankUpdate Changes with the new allow_with_category_restriction
2008-08-16  Elliot ShankClean up both existing problems and problems with Schwern's
2008-08-16  Elliot ShankApply raw patch from Schwern for
2008-08-14  Elliot ShankClean up self compliance problems introduced by Schwern's
2008-08-14  Elliot ShankApply the unmodified patch from Schwern (modulo dealing...
2008-08-14  Elliot ShankComment in P::C::Document about underscores in perl...
2008-08-13  Elliot ShankAdd the xt directory to no_index in Build.PL.
2008-08-11  Elliot ShankUpdate Changes to reflect the fix for RT #38380 that...
2008-08-11  Ricardo Signesbugfix for running under PAR, RT #38380
2008-08-09  Elliot Shankin 20_policies.t, specify a more useful format for
2008-07-30  Elliot ShankAnother example of a problem in
2008-07-30  Elliot ShankFailing test for
2008-07-28  Chris DolanForgot to update Changes
2008-07-28  Chris DolanTernaries now satisfy RequireCheckingReturnValueOfEval:
2008-07-27  Jeffrey Ryan... Describe policy for enforcing correct spelling of varia...
2008-07-27  Jeffrey Ryan... Fixed spelling error. RT #37899
2008-07-27  Jeffrey Ryan... CodeLayout::ProhibitQuotedWordLists also now applies...
2008-07-27  Jeffrey Ryan... ProhibitQuotedWordLists does not apply to lists
2008-07-24  Elliot ShankAdd RT # to ProhibitPostfixControls TODO.
2008-07-24  Elliot ShankTODO about ControlStructures::ProhibitPostfixControls
2008-07-23  Jeffrey Ryan... Diddling svn:ignore.
2008-07-23  Jeffrey Ryan... Added my first new policy in a very long time. So...
2008-07-22  Elliot Shank20_policies.t didn't have a "1;" at the end, so it... v1.090
2008-07-22  Elliot ShankBump P::C version to 1.090.
2008-07-22  Elliot ShankProhibitSingleCharAlternation test was failing when
2008-07-22  Elliot ShankBump P::C version to 1.089. v1.089
2008-07-22  Elliot ShankKnock out RequirePodSections in 20_policy_podspelling.t.
2008-07-22  Elliot ShankFix ProhibitPostfixControls in tests.
2008-07-21  Elliot ShankDeal with RequireInterpolationOfMetachars in tests.
2008-07-21  Elliot ShankFix ProhibitEscapedMetacharacters in tests.
2008-07-21  Elliot ShankFix ProhibitEscapedCharacters in