2008-07-22  Elliot Shank20_policies.t didn't have a "1;" at the end, so it... v1.090
2008-07-22  Elliot ShankBump P::C version to 1.090.
2008-07-22  Elliot ShankProhibitSingleCharAlternation test was failing when
2008-07-22  Elliot ShankBump P::C version to 1.089. v1.089
2008-07-22  Elliot ShankKnock out RequirePodSections in 20_policy_podspelling.t.
2008-07-22  Elliot ShankFix ProhibitPostfixControls in tests.
2008-07-21  Elliot ShankDeal with RequireInterpolationOfMetachars in tests.
2008-07-21  Elliot ShankFix ProhibitEscapedMetacharacters in tests.
2008-07-21  Elliot ShankFix ProhibitEscapedCharacters in
2008-07-21  Elliot ShankFix noisy strings in tests.
2008-07-21  Elliot ShankFix ProhibitInterpolationOfLiterals in tests.
2008-07-21  Elliot ShankFix RequireBracesForMultiline in 01_config_bad_perlcrit...
2008-07-21  Elliot ShankFix ProhibitEnumeratedClasses in 94_includes.t.
2008-07-21  Elliot ShankFix PodSpelling issues in tests. In t/05_utils_pod...
2008-07-21  Elliot ShankAdd rcs_keywords option to RequireInterpolationOfMetachars.
2008-07-21  Elliot ShankKnock out ProhibitMagicNumbers for the tests right...
2008-07-21  Elliot ShankPOD formatting cleanups in DEVELOPER.pod and minor...
2008-07-15  Jeffrey Ryan... RT #34713. Tweaked Subroutines::ProtectPrivateVars
2008-07-14  Elliot ShankAdd exec to the list of things accepted by
2008-07-14  Jeffrey Ryan... Additional stopwords for the code examples.
2008-07-14  Jeffrey Ryan... Subroutines::ProhibitBuiltinHomonyms now covers Perl...
2008-07-14  Elliot ShankChange name of option in ProhibitInterpolationOfLiterals to
2008-07-14  Elliot ShankFix PodSpelling problems caused by the doubling up...
2008-07-14  Elliot ShankAdd allow_double_quote_if_string_contains_single_quote
2008-07-10  Elliot ShankRemove documentation about the -config option to P...
2008-07-10  Elliot ShankFix RequireLineBoundaryMatching in 99_pod_coverage.t.
2008-07-10  Elliot ShankFix ProhibitPunctuationVars in tests.
2008-07-10  Elliot ShankFix ProhibitLocalVars in 20_policy_podspelling.t. ...
2008-07-10  Elliot ShankFix ProhibitEmptyQuotes in tests.
2008-07-10  Elliot ShankFix ProhibitDoubleSigils in tests.
2008-07-10  Elliot ShankFix RequireRcsKeywords in tests.
2008-07-10  Elliot ShankFix RequireCheckedClose in 05_utils.t.
2008-07-10  Elliot ShankFix RequireFinalReturn in 05_utils.t.
2008-07-10  Elliot ShankThe for loop TODO test for RequireFinalReturn wasn...
2008-07-10  Elliot ShankAdd TODO test for Subroutines::RequireFinalReturn having to
2008-07-09  Jeffrey Ryan... is_script() now tries to check if the filename ends...
2008-07-09  Elliot ShankMake -s a synonym for --single-policy.
2008-07-09  Elliot ShankFix RequireCheckedClose in tests.
2008-07-09  Elliot ShankKnock out RegularExpressions::ProhibitComplexRegexes and
2008-07-09  Elliot ShankFinish fixing RequireExtendedFormatting problems.
2008-07-09  Elliot ShankMore RequireExtendedFormatting fixes in tests.
2008-07-09  Elliot ShankFix RequireExtendedFormatting in
2008-07-09  Elliot ShankFix RequireExtendedFormatting in 01_config.t.
2008-07-09  Elliot ShankFix the last of the RequireTestLabels problems.
2008-07-09  Jeffrey Ryan... Fixed typo in the code for setting the criticism-fatal...
2008-07-08  Elliot ShankUpdate class diagram to mark more classes as public.
2008-07-08  Elliot ShankFix RequireTestLabels in 09_theme.t.
2008-07-08  Elliot ShankAdd --list output formatting to TODO.pod.
2008-07-08  Elliot ShankFix RequireTestLabels problems in 02_policy.t.
2008-07-08  Elliot ShankFinish RequireTestLabels fixes in 10_userprofile.t.
2008-07-08  Elliot ShankFix ProhibitAmpersandSigils in the "sort &foo(...)...
2008-07-08  Elliot ShankRevert ProhibitParensWithBuiltins test change. I was...
2008-07-08  Elliot ShankFailing "(caller(0))[3]" test for
2008-07-08  Elliot ShankFailing test for ProhibitAmpersandSigils with sort.
2008-07-07  Elliot ShankConvert L<Some::Module> escapes to
2008-07-07  Chris DolanFix false positive in ProhibitSingleCharAlternation
2008-07-07  Elliot ShankRevert r2533 and disable Subroutines::ProtectPrivateSubs in
2008-07-07  Elliot ShankFix some RequireTestLabels problems. A lot more to...
2008-07-07  Elliot Shank"## no critic" out ProtectPrivateSubs in tests.
2008-07-07  Elliot ShankFix ProhibitExcessMainComplexity in tests.
2008-07-07  Elliot ShankFix ProhibitCaptureWithoutTest in 80_policysummary.t.
2008-07-07  Elliot ShankFix RequireCarping in tests.
2008-07-07  Elliot ShankWhoops. Didn't update Changes for the ProhibitUnusedCa...
2008-07-07  Elliot ShankProhibitUnusedCapture was missing a /g modifier on...
2008-07-07  Elliot ShankFix ProhibitUnusedVariables in
2008-07-07  Elliot Shank"## no critic" out RequireBriefOpen in tests.
2008-07-07  Elliot Shank"## no critic" out ProhibitNoWarnings in tests.
2008-07-07  Elliot ShankFix RequireFinalReturn in tests.
2008-07-07  Elliot ShankFix RequireLocalizedPunctuationVars 07_perlcritic.t.
2008-07-07  Elliot Shank"## no critic" ProhibitMultiplePackages in 02_policy.t.
2008-07-07  Elliot Shank"## no critic" ProhibitStringyEval in 20_policies.t.
2008-07-07  Elliot Shank"## no critic" RequireFilenameMatchesPackage in 02_poli...
2008-07-07  Elliot ShankFix ProhibitMismatchedOperators in 94_includes.t.
2008-07-07  Elliot Shank"## no critic" out ProhibitCStyleForLoops in tests.
2008-07-07  Elliot ShankFix missing trailing comma in 09_theme.t.
2008-07-07  Elliot ShankFix hard tabs in 06_violation.t.
2008-07-07  Elliot ShankFix RequireVersionVar in tests.
2008-07-06  Elliot ShankTime for more self compliance: create 42_criticize...
2008-07-06  Elliot ShankMove generate_without_optional_dependencies_wrappers...
2008-07-06  Elliot ShankFix evals in generated test wrappers and eliminate
2008-07-06  Elliot ShankMove the files related to 06_violation.t to
2008-07-06  Elliot ShankFailing test for ProhibitSingleCharAlternation.
2008-07-04  Elliot ShankForgot to update Changes about ProhibitSleepViaSelect.
2008-07-04  Elliot ShankFix RT #37416, ProhibitSleepViaSelect, with three undef
2008-07-04  Elliot ShankFix 1.088 date in Changes.
2008-07-04  Elliot ShankPOD cleanup in RequireCheckingReturnValueOfEval.
2008-07-04  Elliot ShankAnd there was a missing "1;" at the end of an eval in
2008-07-04  Elliot ShankForgot to add "1;" to end of eval block in RequireTidyCode.
2008-07-03  Elliot ShankBump P::C version to 1.088.
2008-07-03  Elliot ShankDocument RequireCheckingReturnValueOfEval.
2008-07-03  Elliot ShankAdd TODO about double periods in Violation.
2008-07-03  Andy Lesterthe EXPL should not end with a period
2008-07-02  Elliot ShankFinish self compliance issues with
2008-06-30  Elliot ShankFinish implementation of RequireCheckingReturnValueOfEval.
2008-06-29  Elliot ShankPrior to leaving for airport, commit what I've got...
2008-06-27  Elliot ShankProperly check result of eval in perlcritic. Should...
2008-06-25  Elliot ShankAfter discussion at YAPC, raise ProhibitUnusedVariables
2008-06-24  Elliot ShankLink to Ovid's use.perl Journal entry in the
2008-06-24  Elliot ShankSuggest ErrorHandling::RequireLocalizingEvalErrorInDESTROY
2008-06-24  Elliot ShankModify suggestion for Policy name that prohibits calling