2008-03-08  Elliot ShankClean up some self-compliance issues now that MagicNumbers
2008-03-08  Elliot ShankMove ProhibitMagicNumbers from More to core.
2008-03-08  Elliot ShankBump P::C version to 1.082. v1.082
2008-03-08  Elliot ShankAdd a bunch of items related to Parameters to TODO...
2008-03-08  Elliot ShankSmall fix to Changes.
2008-03-08  Elliot ShankFix some small problems in DEVELOPER.pod.
2008-03-08  Elliot ShankRoll up changes in recent dev releases into the following
2008-03-07  Elliot ShankAdd idea for -l/-L options for perlcritic.
2008-03-02  Elliot ShankUpdate Changes for 1.081_006 release. v1.081_006
2008-03-02  Elliot ShankBump version to 1.081_006.
2008-03-02  Elliot ShankI believe that I've got the PodSpelling problem whacked.
2008-03-02  Elliot ShankOk, PodSpelling doesn't fall over if something is wrong,
2008-03-02  Elliot ShankUpdate DEVELOPER.pod in terms of initialize_if_enabled().
2008-03-02  Elliot ShankTrailing whitespace.
2008-03-02  Elliot ShankBring in ErrorHandling::RequireUseOfExceptions requirement
2008-02-28  Elliot ShankBump copyright dates.
2008-02-27  Elliot ShankAdd the tools directory to the distribution, since...
2008-02-27  Elliot ShankCross reference the configuration classes in their...
2008-02-25  Elliot ShankNow that all core policies use Parameters, re-enable
2008-02-25  Elliot ShankRemove old marker output in t/15_statistics.t.
2008-02-25  Elliot ShankMake parameter description test no-longer TODO.
2008-02-25  Elliot ShankMake Variables::ProhibitPunctuationVars use Parameters.
2008-02-25  Elliot ShankMake Variables::ProhibitPackageVars use Parameters.
2008-02-25  Elliot ShankMake ValuesAndExpressions::RequireNumberSeparators use
2008-02-25  Elliot ShankMake ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitInterpolationOfLiterals
2008-02-25  Elliot ShankMake ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitCommaSeparatedStatements
2008-02-25  Elliot ShankMake ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitLongChainsOfMethodCalls
2008-02-25  Elliot ShankMake
2008-02-25  Elliot ShankMake TestingAndDebugging::RequireTestLabels use Parameters.
2008-02-25  Elliot ShankMake TestingAndDebugging::ProhibitProlongedStrictureOve...
2008-02-25  Elliot ShankMake TestingAndDebugging::ProhibitNoWarnings use Parame...
2008-02-25  Elliot ShankMake TestingAndDebugging::ProhibitNoStrict use Parameters.
2008-02-25  Elliot ShankMake Subroutines::RequireFinalReturn use Parameters.
2008-02-25  Elliot ShankMake Subroutines::RequireArgUnpacking use Parameters.
2008-02-25  Elliot ShankMake Subroutines::ProhibitManyArgs use Parameters.
2008-02-25  Elliot ShankMake Subroutines::ProhibitExcessComplexity use Parameters.
2008-02-25  Elliot ShankMake RegularExpressions::ProhibitComplexRegexes use
2008-02-25  Elliot ShankMake NamingConventions::ProhibitAmbiguousNames use...
2008-02-24  Elliot ShankMake Modules::RequireExplicitPackage use Parameters.
2008-02-24  Elliot ShankMake Modules::ProhibitEvilModules use Parameters.
2008-02-24  Elliot ShankMake Modules::ProhibitExcessMainComplexity use Parameters.
2008-02-24  Elliot ShankNow that RequirePodSections uses Parameters, restore...
2008-02-24  Elliot ShankMake InputOutput::RequireBriefOpen use Parameters.
2008-02-24  Elliot ShankMake Documentation::RequirePodSections use Parameters.
2008-02-24  Elliot ShankMake Miscellanea::RequireRcsKeywords use Parameters.
2008-02-24  Elliot ShankMake InputOutput::RequireCheckedSyscalls use Parameters.
2008-02-24  Elliot ShankMake InputOutput::ProhibitBacktickOperators use Parameters.
2008-02-24  Elliot ShankMake ErrorHandling::RequireCarping use Paremeters.
2008-02-24  Elliot ShankMake Documentation::PodSpelling use Parameters.
2008-02-24  Elliot ShankMake ControlStructures::ProhibitPostfixControls use
2008-02-24  Elliot ShankMake ControlStructures::ProhibitMutatingListFunctions use
2008-02-24  Elliot ShankMake ControlStructures::ProhibitDeepNests use Parameters.
2008-02-24  Elliot ShankMake ControlStructures::ProhibitCascadingIfElse use
2008-02-24  Elliot ShankMake CodeLayout::RequireTidyCode use Parameters.
2008-02-24  Elliot ShankMake CodeLayout::ProhibitQuotedWordLists use Parameters.
2008-02-24  Elliot ShankMake CodeLayout::ProhibitHardTabs use Parameters.
2008-02-24  Elliot ShankMake BuiltinFunctions::ProhibitComplexMappings use
2008-02-16  Elliot ShankRemove Moose TODO.
2008-02-16  Elliot ShankBring in the updated developer documentation. Needs...
2008-02-16  Elliot ShankMerge changes to ProfilePrototype to take advantage...
2008-02-16  Elliot ShankMerge Policies actually using PolicyParameter objects.
2008-02-16  Elliot ShankAdd Moose support to RequireUseWarnings.
2008-02-16  Elliot ShankAdd Moose support to RequireUseStrict.
2008-02-06  Elliot ShankFix self-compliance problems in PodSpelling.
2008-01-14  Jeffrey Ryan... Added "criticim-fatal" switch, which will make the...
2008-01-05  Elliot ShankImplement Modules::RequireNoMatchVarsWithUseEnglish.
2008-01-01  Jeffrey Ryan... According to https://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html...
2007-12-31  Elliot ShankUpdate the P::C class diagram to include the change...
2007-12-31  Elliot ShankSweep through core modules' POD, primarily concerned...
2007-12-30  Elliot ShankUpdate P::C Changes. v1.081_005
2007-12-30  Elliot ShankBump P::C version to 1.081_005.
2007-12-30  Elliot ShankSwitch skip test in t/20_policy_podspelling.t to use...
2007-12-29  Elliot ShankAdd policies to P::C TODO.
2007-12-29  Elliot ShankPut the ControlStructires::ProhibitPostfixControls...
2007-12-29  Elliot ShankBegin the parameters merge with PolicyParameter and its
2007-12-29  Elliot ShankFix PodSpelling problem with ControlStructures::Prohibi...
2007-12-29  Elliot ShankAdd generation of the "resources" entry in META.yml...
2007-12-29  Andrew Moorechanges to address RT ticket 29540:
2007-12-24  Elliot ShankFinish conversion to exceptions of P::C core.
2007-12-24  Elliot ShankConvert P::C::TestUtils to using exceptions.
2007-12-22  Elliot ShankFix RT #30388 ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitVersionStri...
2007-12-20  Elliot ShankYet again, redo r2040.
2007-12-20  Elliot ShankFix ProhibitComplexRegexps violations. v1.081_004
2007-12-20  Elliot ShankAnd undo r2040 /again/.
2007-12-20  Elliot ShankUpdate P::C changes.
2007-12-20  Elliot ShankBump P::C version to 1.081_004.
2007-12-20  Elliot ShankHopefully the final bit to restore 5.6 compatability...
2007-12-18  Elliot ShankRemove ampersands from @EXPORT_OK elements in P::C...
2007-12-16  Elliot ShankAnd reundo r2040.
2007-12-16  Elliot ShankBump P::C version to 1.081_003. v1.081_003
2007-12-16  Elliot ShankAdd Modules::RequireUseVersion and
2007-12-16  Elliot ShankUpdate P::C Changes.
2007-12-16  Elliot ShankAnd redo r2040.
2007-12-16  Elliot ShankOops. Missed some usage of IsUppercase.
2007-12-16  Elliot ShankDoh! "require" is runtime, which means the compiler...
2007-12-16  Elliot ShankSince 1.081_002 is out, re-undo r2040.
2007-12-16  Elliot ShankPut release date into Changes for 1.081_002. v1.081_002
2007-12-16  Elliot ShankRedo r2040, again temporarily, in order to get a develo...
2007-12-16  Elliot ShankBump P::C version to 1.081_002 in order to test whether...
2007-12-16  Elliot ShankUse \p{IsUpper} and \b{IsLower} instead of \p{IsUpperca...