Further work on RequireLocalizedPunctuationVars.run.PL
[gknop/Perl-Critic.git] / MANIFEST.SKIP
2007-10-03  Chris DolanFurther work on RequireLocalizedPunctuationVars.run.PL
2007-10-02  Elliot ShankHook ProhibitNegativeExpressionsInUnlessAndUntilConditi...
2007-09-03  Elliot ShankReplace hand-coded module-hiding wrappers for tests...
2007-08-13  Elliot ShankReplace --strict-profile option with --profile-strictne...
2007-07-19  Chris DolanNew policy Variables::RequireLocalizedPunctuationVars
2006-11-12  Elliot ShankNew policy: ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitMagicNumbers
2006-10-21  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... criticize.t will now be shipped in the Perl::Critic...
2006-10-05  Chris DolanNew policy CodeLayout::RequireConsistentNewlines
2006-07-19  Chris DolanAdd a few more development files to MANIFEST.SKIP
2006-05-09  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Preparing for next production release:
2006-02-26  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Don't include tools/ directory in distro.
2006-01-27  Chris DolanAdd new policy Variables::ProhibitMatchVars
2005-12-19  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Added 'criticize.t' to the MANIFEST.SKIP. These tests...
2005-11-30  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Added Chris' MANIFEST.SKIP file.