Add can_be_disabled() to the trusted method list
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2008-06-22  Elliot ShankAdd periods to the end of abstracts for ppidump, perlcr...
2008-03-16  Elliot ShankAdd "shiftround" to all vi modelines.
2008-02-28  Elliot ShankBump copyright dates.
2007-04-09  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Fixed misspelled svn keyword
2007-04-09  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Added svn keywords
2007-04-09  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Add documentation about integrating perlcritic with...
2007-04-08  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Added copy of BBEdit plugin by Josh Clark
2007-04-06  Josh ben JoreSynched up regexp alist with Perl::Critic::Utils and...
2007-04-04  Josh ben Jore;; 0.09
2006-08-21  Josh ben JoreFixed perlcritic-compilation-error-regexp-alist for...
2006-07-18  Josh ben Jore0.07
2006-07-17  Josh ben Jore0.06
2006-07-14  Josh ben Jore0.05
2006-07-14  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Added perlcritic minor-mode for emacs. Contributed...