Implement RegularExpressions::RequireDotMatchAnything.
[gknop/Perl-Critic.git] / .gitignore
2008-07-23  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Diddling svn:ignore.
2008-05-18  Elliot ShankDelete META.yml, MANIFEST, and README. Just have them
2008-04-21  Elliot ShankGenerate P::C::PolicySummary, rather than have to maintain
2008-04-20  Elliot ShankLet's see how this one goes over.
2008-03-17  Elliot Shank(no commit message)
2007-10-03  Chris DolanFix a few miscellaneous self violations
2007-10-02  Elliot ShankHook ProhibitNegativeExpressionsInUnlessAndUntilConditi...
2007-09-03  Elliot ShankReplace hand-coded module-hiding wrappers for tests...