Added workaround for RT #27065. There might be an alternative
[gknop/Perl-Critic.git] / MANIFEST
2007-05-22  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Increased VERSION to 1.052
2007-05-03  Elliot ShankAdd average McCabe score and violations per line of...
2007-05-03  Elliot ShankRefactor the statistics gathering code into a P::C
2007-04-09  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Regenerate MANIFEST and META
2007-03-05  Elliot ShankImplement CodeLayout::ProhibitTrailingWhitespace.
2007-02-19  Elliot ShankImplement ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitCommaSeparatedS...
2007-02-18  Elliot ShankImplement Variables::ProhibitPerl4PackageNames.
2007-02-12  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Increased VERSION to 1.03
2007-02-11  Elliot ShankUpdate tests to include examples and update MANIFEST.
2007-02-05  Andrew MooreImplementing InputOutput::RequireCheckedOpen and InputO...
2007-01-25  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Added optional memory_leak test
2007-01-22  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Regenerate MANIFEST and META
2007-01-16  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Regenerated META and MANIFEST
2007-01-16  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Finished moving 20_policy_requirefilenamematchespackage.t
2007-01-16  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Regenerated MANIFEST and META
2006-12-16  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Added a couple more tests for Perl::Critic::Policy...
2006-12-16  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... svn merge -1cb82fc..92ae0d5 branches/Perl-Critic-With...
2006-12-09  Chris DolanAdd test to ensure that all bundled policies have ...
2006-12-09  Chris Dolan* Bugfix for is_function_call -- triggered falsely...
2006-12-06  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Regenerated MANIFEST
2006-12-06  Elliot ShankImprove Perl::Critic's kwalitee.
2006-12-06  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Renamed run.t to 20_policies.t. Yes, I like the number...
2006-12-04  Andy LesterConverted for ProhibitEvilModulest
2006-12-04  Andy LesterPruned out policy_requiresfilenamematchespackage.t
2006-12-04  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Moved 20_policies_namingconventions.t into new test...
2006-12-03  Elliot ShankConvert tests for CodeLayout Policies to run.t format.
2006-12-03  Andy LesterFinishing the documentation converstion
2006-12-03  Andy LesterDone with t/20_policies_regularexpressions.t
2006-11-29  Andy LesterFinished with t/20_policies_subroutines.t
2006-11-27  Elliot ShankConvert t/20_policies_controlstructures.t to t/run...
2006-11-27  Elliot ShankConvert t/20_policies_classhierarchies.t to t/run.t...
2006-11-27  Elliot ShankConvert t/20_policies_builtinfunctions.t to t/run.t...
2006-11-27  Andy LesterFinished converting t/20_policies_testinganddebugging.t
2006-11-27  Andy LesterElliot forgot the MANIFEST
2006-11-26  Elliot ShankReplace 20_policies_valuesandexpressions.t with run.t
2006-11-26  Andy LesterConverted t/20_policies_errorhandling.t
2006-11-26  Andy LesterConverted the one set of subtests in the References...
2006-11-26  Andy LesterCreated empty files for all the remaining policies
2006-11-26  Andy LesterFinished converting t/20_policies_variables.t
2006-11-26  Andy LesterDone with the subtest framework, for now.
2006-11-26  Andy LesterReorganized a little
2006-11-24  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Moved ProhibitMagicNumbers.pm into the Perl-Critic...
2006-11-20  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Added some test cases for PolicyListing. Some are...
2006-11-15  Chris DolanCreate new distro for non-core policies
2006-11-15  Chris DolanFollowing up some Hackathon work:
2006-11-13  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Moved the policy listing feature into a seprate class.
2006-11-12  Elliot ShankNew policy: ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitMagicNumbers
2006-11-12  Chris DolanNew policy: Variables::ProhibitListProcessingSideEffects
2006-11-12  Chris DolanNew policy: TestingAndDebugging::ProhibitProlongedStric...
2006-11-11  Chris DolanNew policy from the Hackathon:
2006-11-06  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Updated POD. New MANIFEST and META
2006-11-05  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Regenerated META and MANIFEST
2006-11-05  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Added new policies:
2006-11-03  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Added 2 policies contributed by Peter Guzis. Tests...
2006-10-31  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Rewrote config.t so that we no longer need to update...
2006-10-26  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Removed ThemeMath.pm and 09_thememath.t
2006-10-21  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... criticize.t will now be shipped in the Perl::Critic...
2006-10-15  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Regenerated MANIFEST and META
2006-10-10  Chris DolanRebuild MANIFEST
2006-10-07  Chris DolanPrototype theme boolean parser. It doesn't do anything...
2006-10-07  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... svn merge -r 665:709 branches/jeff/Perl-Critic/ trunk...
2006-10-05  Chris DolanNew policy CodeLayout::RequireConsistentNewlines
2006-10-03  Chris DolanNew policy BuiltinFunctions::ProhibitReverseSortBlock
2006-10-03  Chris DolanUpped PPI requirement to 1.118
2006-10-02  Chris DolanRename Testing::RequireTestLabels to
2006-09-24  Chris DolanNew policy: Testing::RequireTest::Labels
2006-09-23  Chris DolanAdd a bunch of my personal author-only tests.
2006-08-20  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Preparing for release v0.19
2006-08-11  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Added new policy BuiltinFunctions::ProhibitStringySplit.
2006-08-08  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Added new policy: ControlStructures::ProhibitDeepNests...
2006-08-08  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Added new policy: Variables::RequireLexicalLoopIterators.
2006-07-28  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... I forgot to add my test script. Also regenerated MANIFEST
2006-07-25  Chris DolanNew policy InputOutput::ProhibitInteractiveTest
2006-07-25  Chris DolanNew policy: Variables::RequireNegativeIndices
2006-07-20  Chris DolanHere's a pseudocode summary of my tremendous yak shavin...
2006-07-19  Chris DolanAbstract the PPI::Document caching code into a wrapper...
2006-07-17  Andy LesterRenamed TODO to TODO.pod
2006-07-15  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Regenerated MANIFEST and updated Changes log
2006-05-31  Chris DolanAdd new policy BuiltinFunctions::RequireSimpleSortBlock
2006-05-30  Chris DolanMove summary of bundled Policy modules into a separate...
2006-05-25  Chris DolanNew policy: ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitEscapedCharacters
2006-05-09  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Preparing for next production release:
2006-05-06  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Added new policy ProhibitVersionStrings
2006-05-06  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Wrote test cases for new ProhibitAutomaticExportation...
2006-05-05  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Added ##no critic to pass our own criticize.t tests
2006-04-17  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Regenerated MANIFEST, README, and META files.
2006-04-13  Chris DolanAdded two new policies:
2006-03-20  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Added new policy Documentation::RequirePodSections...
2006-03-20  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Added new policy ClassHierarchies::ProhibitAutoloading
2006-03-15  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Updated Changes & TODO files to reflect new policies.
2006-03-14  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Regenerated MANIFEST
2006-02-02  Chris DolanAdded new policy ClassHierarchies::ProhibitExplicitISA
2006-01-30  Chris DolanAdd new policy: Documentation::RequirePodAtEnd
2006-01-29  Chris DolanTwo new policies and all associated changes.
2006-01-27  Chris DolanAdd new policy Variables::ProhibitMatchVars
2006-01-15  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Removed 'criticism.pm' from MANIFEST. Mentioned it...
2006-01-13  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Added 'criticism' pragma module.
2006-01-03  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Regenerated MANIFEST.
2005-12-31  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Moved DEVELOPER.pod file so it gets installed a little...
2005-12-29  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Renamed the pod test scripts to follow the _underscored...