Adjust expected stats, now that RequireVcsKeywords is gone.
[gknop/Perl-Critic.git] / t / 15_statistics.t
2012-07-11  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Adjust expected stats, now that RequireVcsKeywords...
2012-07-03  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Bump version number
2011-12-21  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Bumped version number
2011-05-15  Elliot ShankBump P::C to v1.116.
2011-03-31  Elliot ShankBump P::C version to 1.115.
2011-03-26  Elliot ShankBump P::C version to 1.114. v1.114
2011-02-15  Elliot ShankUpdate Changes and bump version for P::C v1.113. v1.113
2011-02-10  Elliot ShankBump P::C version to v1.112_002. v1.112_002
2010-12-15  Elliot ShankSet P::C version to 1.112_001. v1.112_001
2010-12-01  Elliot ShankSet the P::C version to 1.110_001. I still want to... v1.110_001
2010-08-30  Elliot ShankBump trunk version of Perl-Critic to 1.110.
2010-08-23  Elliot ShankMake PPIx::Regexp, Perl::Tidy, Pod::Spell, and Text...
2010-06-22  Elliot ShankBump P::C version to 1.108.
2010-06-20  Elliot ShankGet rid of use_ok() everywhere except t/00_modules...
2010-06-13  Elliot ShankBump P::C version to 1.107_001.
2010-03-22  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Bumped version number to 1.105_03.
2010-01-24  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Bumped version number. Going to make another dev release
2010-01-16  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Bumped VERSION to 1.105_001. Getting ready to make...
2009-09-07  Elliot ShankBump the P::C version to 1.105. v1.105
2009-08-23  Elliot ShankBump P::C version to 1.104. v1.104
2009-08-23  Elliot ShankFix "ensure we run true" comment at all the tests that...
2009-08-08  Elliot ShankBump P::C version to 1.103 in the PPI 1.204 compatibili...
2009-08-03  Elliot ShankBump P::C version to 1.102 in the PPI 1.204 compatibili...
2009-07-22  Elliot ShankBump P::C version to 1.101_003 in the PPI 1.204 compati...
2009-07-22  Elliot ShankBump the P::C version number to 1.101_002 in the PPI...
2009-07-21  Elliot ShankFix the P::C version for the PPI 1.204 compatibility...
2009-07-21  Elliot ShankSet the P::C version to 1.101_01 in the PPI 1.204 compa...
2009-07-18  Elliot ShankSet the P::C version to 1.100 in the PPI 1.203 cleanup...
2009-03-07  Elliot ShankBump P::C version to 1.098.
2009-03-01  Elliot ShankBump P::C version to 1.097_002.
2009-03-01  Elliot ShankSet the $VERSION to a proper 7 digit number, rather...
2009-02-28  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Preparing for a release this Sunday.
2009-02-15  Elliot ShankMerge 'rt39601' into 'trunk/distributions/Perl-Critic'
2009-02-15  Elliot ShankMerge 'rt38855' into 'trunk/distributions/Perl-Critic'
2009-02-02  Elliot ShankMerge 'Perl-Critic-1.096' into 'trunk/distributions...
2009-02-02  Elliot ShankBump P::C version to 1.096.
2009-01-20  Elliot ShankMerge 'rt38530' into 'trunk/distributions/Perl-Critic'
2009-01-18  Elliot ShankBump P::C version to 1.095_001. This time, I made... v1.095_001
2009-01-02  Elliot ShankBump the P::C version to 1.094001. v1.094001
2009-01-01  Elliot ShankBump P::C version to 1.094.
2008-12-12  Elliot ShankBump P::C version to 1.093_03. v1.093_03
2008-10-30  Elliot ShankBump P::C version number for developer release. Unfort... v1.093_02
2008-09-07  Elliot ShankRelease P::C 1.093_001 so that I can get access to the v1.093_001 v1.093_01
2008-09-02  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Bumped VERSION to 1.092. v1.092
2008-09-02  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Bumped VERSION to 1.091 v1.091
2008-07-22  Elliot ShankBump P::C version to 1.090.
2008-07-22  Elliot ShankBump P::C version to 1.089. v1.089
2008-07-07  Elliot ShankFix RequireVersionVar in tests.
2008-06-06  Elliot ShankGet explicit about the perl dependency and put a
2008-03-16  Elliot ShankAdd "shiftround" to all vi modelines.
2008-03-16  Elliot ShankRename "lines of code" to "lines" in statistics, because
2008-03-16  Elliot ShankAdd violations per file and per statement to
2008-02-25  Elliot ShankRemove old marker output in t/15_statistics.t.
2007-09-03  Elliot ShankReplace hand-coded module-hiding wrappers for tests...
2007-07-23  Elliot ShankAdd P::C::Policy::initialize_if_enabled() which, rather...
2007-06-02  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... My suspicions were correct! The number of violations
2007-06-01  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Fixed failing statistics test. It appears that I misco...
2007-05-22  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Redesigned the Statistics class. Now it is just an...
2007-05-22  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Renamed some of the Statistics methods.
2007-05-22  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Fixed svn properties
2007-05-22  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Added basic test suite for Perl::Critic::Statistics