Now that we have ProhibitUselessNoCritic, we can
[gknop/Perl-Critic.git] / examples / generatestats
2008-09-07  Elliot ShankRelease P::C 1.093_001 so that I can get access to the v1.093_001 v1.093_01
2008-07-14  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Additional stopwords for the code examples.
2008-07-07  Elliot ShankConvert L<Some::Module> escapes to
2008-05-19  Elliot ShankInitial, dumb implementation of
2008-03-16  Elliot ShankAdd "shiftround" to all vi modelines.
2007-10-30  Elliot ShankAdd "## no critic" for exceptions to the examples.
2007-02-11  Elliot ShankUpdate tests to include examples and update MANIFEST.
2007-02-11  Elliot ShankAdd a couple of simple examples of driving P::C from...