Created a new Policy to prohibit an unrestricted ## no critic.
[gknop/Perl-Critic.git] / lib / Perl / Critic / Policy /
2008-09-28  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Created a new Policy to prohibit an unrestricted #...
2008-09-27  Elliot ShankRename is_document_exempt() to prepare_to_scan_document().
2008-09-17  Elliot ShankAdd autodie support to the InputOutput::RequireChecked...
2008-09-14  Elliot ShankAllow specification of violation descriptions in Prohib...
2008-09-14  Elliot ShankChange Modules::ProhibitEvilModules::initialize_if_enab...
2008-09-14  Elliot ShankChange Modules::ProhibitEvilModules to include the...
2008-09-14  Elliot ShankSmall POD addition to ControlStructures::ProhibitPostfi...
2008-09-14  Elliot ShankRewrap the POD in NamingConventions::Capitalization and
2008-09-07  Elliot ShankUpdate $VERSION in NamingConventions::Capitalization.
2008-09-07  Elliot ShankRestore Schwern's Capitalization policy.
2008-09-07  Elliot ShankRelease P::C 1.093_001 so that I can get access to the v1.093_001 v1.093_01
2008-09-07  Elliot ShankFix PodSpelling in RequireInterpolationOfMetachars.
2008-09-07  Elliot ShankUse is_document_exempt() RequireExplicitPackage and
2008-09-07  Elliot ShankFix RequireFilenameMatchesPackage in terms of programs.
2008-09-07  Elliot ShankAdd test case to RequireEndWithOne.run from Schwern's
2008-09-07  Elliot ShankDocument the rcs_keywords option for
2008-09-07  Elliot ShankAllow RequireRcsKeywords to find things after __END__.
2008-09-02  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Bumped VERSION to 1.092. v1.092
2008-09-02  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... There were POD errors in the release that I just made,
2008-09-02  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Adding back in Schwern's Capitalization policy.
2008-09-02  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Bumped VERSION to 1.091 v1.091
2008-09-02  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Cleaning up my trailing whitespace. Damn Eclipse....
2008-09-02  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Undoing the patch for Schwern's capitalization policy.
2008-08-28  Elliot ShankUndo Schwern's changes in the last patch to the
2008-08-28  Elliot ShankApply Schwern's NamingConventions::Capitalization patch...
2008-08-27  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... I think I've finally fixed the problem of false-positiv...
2008-08-27  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Finally decided to move RequireConstantOnLeftSideOfEqua...
2008-08-24  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Fixed ProhibitHardTabs so that it would allow leading...
2008-08-23  Elliot ShankFix PBP page numbers in ProhibitMixedCaseVars and
2008-08-22  Elliot ShankForgot to set svn:keywords on
2008-08-22  Elliot ShankMake Policies comply with
2008-08-22  Elliot ShankImplement RegularExpressions::RequireDotMatchAnything.
2008-08-22  Elliot ShankCreate an option for CodeLayout::ProhibitQuotedWordLists
2008-08-17  Elliot ShankClean up Schwern's
2008-08-17  Elliot ShankApply raw patch from Schwern that adds options to
2008-08-16  Elliot ShankFix missing word in the ProhibitNoWarnings POD.
2008-08-16  Elliot ShankClean up both existing problems and problems with Schwern's
2008-08-16  Elliot ShankApply raw patch from Schwern for
2008-07-28  Chris DolanTernaries now satisfy RequireCheckingReturnValueOfEval:
2008-07-27  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... CodeLayout::ProhibitQuotedWordLists also now applies...
2008-07-27  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... ProhibitQuotedWordLists does not apply to lists
2008-07-23  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Added my first new policy in a very long time. So...
2008-07-22  Elliot ShankBump P::C version to 1.090.
2008-07-22  Elliot ShankBump P::C version to 1.089. v1.089
2008-07-21  Elliot ShankAdd rcs_keywords option to RequireInterpolationOfMetachars.
2008-07-15  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... RT #34713. Tweaked Subroutines::ProtectPrivateVars
2008-07-14  Elliot ShankAdd exec to the list of things accepted by
2008-07-14  Jeffrey Ryan Thalh... Subroutines::ProhibitBuiltinHomonyms now covers Perl...
2008-07-14  Elliot ShankChange name of option in ProhibitInterpolationOfLiterals to
2008-07-14  Elliot ShankFix PodSpelling problems caused by the doubling up...
2008-07-14  Elliot ShankAdd allow_double_quote_if_string_contains_single_quote
2008-07-08  Elliot ShankFix ProhibitAmpersandSigils in the "sort &foo(...)...
2008-07-07  Elliot ShankConvert L<Some::Module> escapes to
2008-07-07  Chris DolanFix false positive in ProhibitSingleCharAlternation
2008-07-07  Elliot ShankProhibitUnusedCapture was missing a /g modifier on...
2008-07-06  Elliot ShankFailing test for ProhibitSingleCharAlternation.
2008-07-04  Elliot ShankFix RT #37416, ProhibitSleepViaSelect, with three undef
2008-07-04  Elliot ShankPOD cleanup in RequireCheckingReturnValueOfEval.
2008-07-04  Elliot ShankAnd there was a missing "1;" at the end of an eval in
2008-07-04  Elliot ShankForgot to add "1;" to end of eval block in RequireTidyCode.
2008-07-03  Elliot ShankBump P::C version to 1.088.
2008-07-03  Elliot ShankDocument RequireCheckingReturnValueOfEval.
2008-07-03  Andy Lesterthe EXPL should not end with a period
2008-07-02  Elliot ShankFinish self compliance issues with
2008-06-30  Elliot ShankFinish implementation of RequireCheckingReturnValueOfEval.
2008-06-29  Elliot ShankPrior to leaving for airport, commit what I've got...
2008-06-25  Elliot ShankAfter discussion at YAPC, raise ProhibitUnusedVariables
2008-06-22  Elliot ShankFix ProhibitInterpolationOfLiterals in
2008-06-22  Elliot ShankChange ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitLeadingZeros to...
2008-06-22  Elliot ShankChange ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitLeadingZeros to...
2008-06-22  Elliot ShankChange ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitLeadingZeros to...
2008-06-22  Elliot ShankChange ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitLeadingZeros to...
2008-06-22  Elliot ShankChange ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitLeadingZeros to...
2008-06-22  Elliot ShankChange ProhibitLeadingZeros to apply to Token::Number...
2008-06-22  Elliot ShankBump P::C version to 1.087. v1.087
2008-06-19  Elliot ShankProhibitTwoArgOpen now ignores files with "use 5.005".
2008-06-18  Elliot ShankFix Complexity in ProhibitParensWithBuiltins.
2008-06-18  Elliot ShankRequireUseWarnings now ignores files with "use 5.005".
2008-06-17  Elliot ShankMore spaces in RequireTidyCode.
2008-06-17  Elliot ShankChange qr delimiters and insert some spaces to make...
2008-06-17  Chris DolanSpecial case allow for sort(foo(@x)) in ProhibitParensW...
2008-06-12  Elliot ShankBump P::C version to 1.086. v1.086
2008-06-11  Elliot ShankChange NamingConventions::ProhibitAmbiguousNames to...
2008-06-08  Elliot ShankBump P::C version to 1.085. v1.085
2008-06-08  Elliot ShankCatch a few more cases in ProhibitUnusedVariables.
2008-06-07  Elliot ShankRemove failing test for
2008-06-06  Elliot ShankGet explicit about the perl dependency and put a
2008-06-06  Chris DolanImplemented Documentation::RequirePackageMatchesPodName
2008-06-05  Elliot ShankAdd a bit of explanation to ProhibitPostfixControls.
2008-06-04  Ricardo Signes until is also a control conditional
2008-06-03  Elliot ShankOh, the horror of an extra semi-colon in one's code...
2008-05-25  Elliot ShankAbtracts for ProhibitNestedSubs and ProhibitManyArgs...
2008-05-24  Elliot ShankBump P::C version to 1.084. v1.084
2008-05-22  Elliot ShankFix ProhibitUnreachableCode in terms of the 5.10 /...
2008-05-21  Elliot ShankBump P::C version to 1.083_006.
2008-05-21  Elliot ShankFix RT #36059, in which ProhibitPerl4PackageNames was
2008-05-21  Elliot ShankStop ProhibitMatchVars from detecting "use English...
2008-05-20  Elliot ShankBump P::C version to 1.083_005. v1.083_005
2008-05-19  Elliot ShankInitial, dumb implementation of
2008-05-18  Elliot ShankBump P::C version to 1.083_004. v1.083_004