2019-03-06  Graham Knopupdate vim bundles master
2019-03-06  Graham Knopmore quoting
2019-03-06  Graham Knopbooking ssh tweaks
2019-03-06  Graham Knopadd gitlab url rewrite
2019-03-06  Graham Knopfix up capitalization in git config
2019-03-06  Graham Knopquote things in git-todo
2019-03-06  Graham Knopgit-todo should include catagits
2019-03-06  Graham Knopimprove load order of nvm
2019-03-06  Graham Knopimprove describe style of git prompt
2019-03-06  Graham Knopimprove bash completion load order
2019-03-06  Graham Knopadd cdr command
2019-03-06  Graham Knopadd find-repos command
2019-03-06  Graham Knopfix up vimf
2019-03-06  Graham Knopadd vom command
2019-03-06  Graham Knopfix pager handling in rg wrapper functions
2019-03-06  Graham Knopadd git-home command
2019-03-05  Graham Knopbuildperl fixes
2018-06-17  Graham Knopupdate bundles
2018-06-17  Graham Knopfix nvm thing
2018-05-15  Graham Knopdisable autoformat in markdown
2018-05-15  Graham Knopremove vim-markdown
2018-04-30  Graham Knopbuildperl cleanups
2018-04-19  Graham Knopfix thing in mvim
2018-04-19  Graham Knopadd git-todo
2018-04-11  Graham Knopuse vim-perl dev branch
2018-04-11  Graham Knopdisable folding for perl
2018-04-11  Graham Knopupdate vim bundles
2018-04-09  Graham Knopupdate vim gitgutter config
2018-04-09  Graham Knopnew kvms
2018-04-09  Graham Knopgitconfig stuff
2018-04-09  Graham Knopbuildperl fixes
2018-04-09  Graham Knopnvm
2018-04-09  Graham Knopfzf should use git by default
2018-04-09  Graham Knopvimf command
2018-02-07  Graham Knopgit config shit
2018-02-07  Graham Knopadd bash_completion from /usr/local
2018-02-07  Graham Knop~/code is another git home
2018-02-07  Graham Knopcope with shared home dir
2018-01-13  Graham Knopupdate vim bundles
2018-01-06  Graham Knopgit config fixups
2018-01-06  Graham Knopquiet mvim
2018-01-06  Graham Knopbetter wrapping options in vim
2018-01-06  Graham Knopcope with unsupported key types in ssh agent forwarding
2017-11-08  Graham Knopupdate booking ssh config
2017-11-07  Graham Knopsilence some git advice
2017-10-16  Graham Knopssh config updates
2017-10-16  Graham Knopbetter git pupu
2017-08-24  Graham Knoptmux tab switching in copy mode
2017-07-19  Graham Knopgit pop -> git stash pop
2017-07-19  Graham Knopconfigure pr remote
2017-07-19  Graham Knophttps for cpanm
2017-07-04  Graham Knopvim matchtime
2017-07-04  Graham Knopfix ack auto-install
2017-07-04  Graham Knoprg pipes in subshell for better termination
2017-05-31  Graham Knopupdate vim bundles
2017-05-31  Graham Knopremove LargeFile plugin
2017-05-16  Graham Knopignore gitk config
2017-05-16  Graham Knopenable vim cursorline
2017-05-16  Graham Knopbooking ssh config
2017-05-16  Graham Knoppull p5sagit from github
2017-05-16  Graham Knopadd git pupu
2017-05-16  Graham Knopsilence mvim terminal warnings
2017-05-16  Graham Knopbetter ssh agent setup
2017-05-16  Graham Knopadd rgf
2017-05-01  Graham Knopchoose foreground better for tmux
2017-05-01  Graham Knopcompress greyscale range for tmux footer
2017-05-01  Graham Knopallow tmux color to take host from command line
2017-01-24  Graham Knopupdate git scripts
2017-01-24  Graham Knopclean up ssh config
2017-01-24  Graham Knopupdate vim bundles
2016-12-27  Graham Knopstart git commit temp files at line 1
2016-12-27  Graham Knopcpanfile is perl
2016-12-27  Graham KnopAddKeysToAgent requires new ssh
2016-12-27  Graham Knopprefer id_ed25519 key in authorized_keys
2016-12-27  Graham Knopbetter quotes
2016-12-27  Graham Knoptry to register ssh keys on startup
2016-12-03  Graham Knoptry harder to silence unsupported tmux options
2016-12-03  Graham Knopsummary after perl-run-all
2016-12-03  Graham KnopcompactionHeuristic -> indentHeuristic
2016-12-03  Graham Knoprg function
2016-11-27  Graham Knopfix editorconfig
2016-11-26  Graham Knopupdate bundles
2016-11-26  Graham Knopstart first vim file as utf8
2016-11-26  Graham Knoptmux config updates
2016-11-26  Graham Knopupdated ssh config
2016-11-26  Graham Knopssh metacpan hosts
2016-11-26  Graham Knopfix local::lib locations in perl-runner
2016-11-26  Graham Knopgit interactive.singleKey
2016-11-26  Graham Knoppr alias
2016-11-26  Graham Knopmove tmux hostcolor
2016-11-26  Graham Knopremove extra activation of macvim
2016-11-26  Graham Knopmore shell options
2016-11-26  Graham Knopdisable homebrew phone home
2016-11-26  Graham KnopDevel::Confess options
2016-11-26  Graham Knopmaildir
2016-11-26  Graham Knopquiet local::lib on bash startup
2016-11-26  Graham Knopstyle fixes
2016-11-26  Graham Knopno-dot alias
2016-08-23  Graham Knopmove local::lib install into perl5
2016-08-23  Graham Knopperl-runner: cope with changing HOME