2013-02-13  Graham KnopFix my lazy IO mistake master
2013-02-11  Graham Knopinclude maint/Makefile.include if it exists
2013-02-09  Graham Knopfix changes check when diff.mnemonicprefix is set
2013-02-09  Graham Knopallow being ahead of remote but not divergent
2012-09-09  Karen Etheridgespelling
2012-07-15  Christian WaldeFile::Spec is much better suited for finding /dev/null
2012-07-15  Christian Waldeadd-readme-to-manifest is now a script to reduce makefi...
2012-07-15  Christian Waldeselect the appropiate system null hole
2012-07-15  Christian Waldeselect the appropiate system make
2012-05-12  Matt S Troutswitch makefile trick
2012-05-11  Matt S Troutprobably improve the release stuff
2012-05-11  Matt S Troutghetto project init
2012-01-30  Matt S Troutrefuse to release from not master
2012-01-23  Matt S Troutonly grab root Makefile.PL
2011-10-03  Matt S Troutdon't overwrite manifest after preflight
2011-07-25  Matt S Troutinclude basic tests in author mode
2011-07-25  Arthur Axel... change release name policy
2011-07-25  Arthur Axel... push tags before branches
2011-07-25  Arthur Axel... Use real tags instead of lightweight tags
2011-07-20  Matt S Troutadd MANIFEST check to preflight
2011-07-20  Matt S Troutswitch to Distar/lib for newer usage style
2011-07-15  Matt S Troutcleanup Changes and README handling
2011-02-16  Matt S Troutcan't disttest as a direct dep of dist contruction...
2011-02-16  Matt S Troutforgot to default the license to perl
2011-02-16  Matt S Troutexplain ref-printing in error (anti-stringify device)
2011-02-16  Matt S Troutmore stuff
2011-02-14  Matt S Troutfirst cut at Distar